G-Loc Brake Pads

G-Loc Brake Pads
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90-93 Miata 1.6L Front GP525:  90-93 Miata 1.6L Rear GP458:  94-02 Miata 1.8L Front GP635:  94-02 Miata 1.8L Rear GP636:  03-05 Miata (Sport) Front GP890:  03-05 Miata (Sport) Rear GP891:  04-05 Mazdaspeed Miata Turbo Front GP890:  04-05 Mazdaspeed Miata Turbo Rear GP891:  06-15 MX-5 Miata Front GP1179:  06-15 MX-5 Miata Rear GP1180: 
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G-Loc Brake Pads
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Get your Miata stopped with G-Loc Brake Pads. Excellent bite and longevity, these are the only ones we use on our race cars. With pads ranging from Street/Autocross to Track compounds, G-Loc will put a halt to your worries!

All G-Loc brake pad compounds are available from Panic, but we only have the Miata compounds listed on our web store. Please call at at 803.261.7629 to order additional brake pads.

Price shown ($102) is the lowest available: compounds are priced at $102 + additional cost shown in selection tab.

So what makes G-Loc Brake Pads special...

- The proprietary ceramic carbon Kevlar compound provides exceptional bite at all temperatures with extreme fade resistance and low rotor wear that no iron based pad can match.

- The ability to slightly compress the Kevlar gives G-Loc's their legendary modulation and release characteristics. No on/off switch!

- Ceramic gives the flat torque curve these pads are known for. Cold or hot, expect the most predictable and smooth braking you've ever experienced!

- Using Kevlar instead of steel makes for a stronger pad, able to withstand much greater abuse than a lower cost pad using copper or steel strands.

- What dust they do make is easily removed and non-destructive to your wheel's finish.

- The Ceramic, Carbon, and Kevlar compound offers the lowest rotor wear of any high performance or race pad, without any loss of bite or fade resistance.


GS-1: Offers significantly better bite and a higher maximum operating temperature than standard replacement pads. Almost zero dust and super quiet. Ideal for sport street driving and autocross.

R6: Designed specifically for autocross. Dusty but great bite and modulation at low temps. Less fade resistance than R8 and that listed above, so not recommend for track days.

R8 and R10: Will be also dusty but otherwise a good daily drive / race / trackday / autocross pad. R8 for stock size hard compound tires. R10 for oversize medium compound tires. Much higher fade reistance that R6

R12: Stronger bite and wear than the R8 or R10. Choose these for race tires and lb/whp better than 15:1

R14: Designed for endurance racing. Bite about the same as R10, less modulation, longer life. Higher metal content increases rotor wear over other G-Loc compounds.

R18: Ultra high bite with great modulation. Longest wear of any G-Loc compound.

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